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1- Acknowledgment and acceptance of the Terms of Service:

Your use of this site constitutes your acceptance of these terms. If you do not fully accept them, your access to this site is considered unauthorized and you must stop using it immediately.

You agree to use this website only for lawful purposes, and you will refrain from transmitting or transmitting any material through this website that would infringe or infringe the rights of others or limit or prevent their use of this website, or involve an unlawful matter; or threatens, abuses, slanders, infringes on the privacy of others, or the copyrights of others, or obscene words, or offends Islam or sanctities or violates its sanctity, or for any other reason unacceptable, or that would encourage the commission of a crime or involve a violation that entails or is in civil liability

2- Service features and features:

The mobile messaging site Marsooly from time to time may provide additional services for some fees, and the method of payment is completely free for the company to determine. Moreover, the company may provide the customer with credits (points balance) that the customer may use in some services. These credits (points) will be deducted from the client's account at the time the client uses (balance - points). And if the agreement is canceled by both parties, the Marsooly mobile messaging site will refund the unused (points - credit) to the customer, provided that the customer gives “Marsooly” the information related to the refund, provided that the total value of the unused points does not exceed 100 Saudi riyals. Mobile messages are my messenger by deducting from the refunded amount all the expenses related to the payment and all the expenses payable by the customer.If the expenses exceed the value of the refunded amount, the company is not obligated to refund the value of the guarantees.

3- Data Security:

Marsooly mobile messaging site will not use or disclose any customer data or any other data such as customer mobile numbers to any third party except with the consent of the customer or his representative in writing or if there is a lawsuit.

The mobile messaging site Marsooly keeps the data of its subscribers on highly efficient operating devices, databases and protection systems, and you agree that the site keeps your personal data and its use by its concerned departments, and you agree not to give this data to any commercial or non-commercial institutions or companies except After your express consent. You agree that the site is not responsible for the leakage of part or all of the subscriber member's data due to burglaries and vandalism carried out by attackers and hackers on the Internet. And that the site or any of its officials is not responsible for the damage or loss of this data for any reason, and you agree to the right of the site to stop the subscription provided to subscribers in membership at any time and without prior notice, and the site also guarantees not to disclose registration data or any data Other personal related to the user to any third party without the consent of the user or his representative.

4- Customer's obligations in exchange for using the service:

The customer agrees to the following: Provide accurate, correct and complete data about him according to the registration form, and update the data so that it is correct, accurate, current and complete. This customer data will be referred to as the registration data. If the data provided by the customer is incorrect, inaccurate and incomplete, then Marsooly has the right to terminate the customer's account and not accept his use of the service now and in the future.

5- Do not resell service:

The customer does not have the right to transfer or assign this agreement and the rights contained in it to any party without the prior written consent of the mobile messaging site Marsoli. Also, the mobile messaging site Marsooly has the right to own all the benefits accruing to the customer as a result of this procedure, if it occurs.

6- Company Liability:

Marsooly SMS website will not be responsible for errors and delays that occur for the following reasons:

When the customer has entered the wrong phone number or any other incorrect information before uploading the item

- When the client's operating network does not support the SMS system