Why you need Sub Accounts for Your Business

We’ve built a platform to make your business easire and more flexible

Many companies and schools need to create sub-accounts for their users that fall under the main account so that the company can manage sub-accounts in terms of distributing balances among sub-users , view message archive and enabling sending text messages.


Create a certain number of sub-accounts

Through your main account, it is possible to create a number of users according to your needs, as well as control the modification of the data and the sub-user account, change the login data, disable the account and many more.


Sub-Account SMS Credit Management

it is possible to distribute sms credit balance among users as per need . Any time message balance of sub-account finished you can recharge sms credit for sub-account using main account sms credit balance


View archive messages

You can view all messages archive sent by sub users and filter bu user , date and message text


Setup Main Account To Manage Sub-Accounts

Many companies and schools need this service to control the process of sending messages . but setup main account not enabled by default ,you must contact us to request main account interface