The importance of promotional messages service

Promotional sms achieve the goals of companies more than traditional marketing, speed in the delivery of advertising, filtering the audience by region and gender ,

promotional Message service is considered one of the best means of communication with customers, due to the speed of response time by customers to promotional sms, in addition to their ability to reach a wide segment of people for promotional message in a record time.


How do I make a strong promotional sms campaign through promotional messages service

Knowing the audience For Promotional SMS

You must study the interests of the target audience, know their behavior and interests, and accordingly make the promotional message plan and start sending promotional SMS

Discounts and Coupons

At the beginning of each SMS campaign, the advertisement must include discounts and competitive promotional Coupons in the message that help customers interact

Choosing and setting the time for SMS Campaign

It is very useful to take advantage of occasions and holidays to make any Promotional SMS campaign and determine the time of sending the campaign.

Split Promotional SMS campaign

It is very important to schedule the Promotional to be sent and distributed for several days and to benefit from the campaign budget to benefit from the responses

Making Daily Deals

The expiry date of the deal is the key to success. If the customer knows that the deal ends in two days, they will be more inclined to make a purchase than if the deal stretched out for a longer period.

Analysis of the results

In each dispatch, the results are studied and the responses are known. Accordingly, the advertisement is reformulated and the promotinal messages is redirected.


Advertising messages platform

We have built an integrated platform for marketing promotional sms that is characterized by complete ease in managing advertising campaigns via messages

It is possible to create an effective strategy for sending advertising messages with complete ease, receiving and developing your business and maintaining your presence among competitors by interacting with the public through text messages.

Every promotional message can bring you a new customer

Each text message can create a new sales opportunity for your business.

Promote newly arrived products

Present your latest work and products to customers the way they prefer, so that more customers see all your effort and innovation

Improve and increase your purchase rate

Take advantage of all religious and national occasions and start sending advertising messages to improve customer loyalty and increase the rate of purchase, send customized promotional messages to your customers on holidays and festivals

Avoid losing more customers

Keep in touch with customers and update them with the latest offers and daily deals to help them reconsider their actions and avoid losing them

How to achieve a successful advertising campaign via messages

We at Marsooly have taken many criteria to ensure the success of the advertising campaign for the client by following easy and simple steps

We have a large database, classified, private and unique, and you can request the distribution of numbers and their classification according to demand and the possibility of the timing of sending them to be sent at the date and time that is specified by you