Marsooly APP

Marsooly App allows you to access contacts stored on your mobile device as well as your personal groups and send messages with ease and flexibility.

Groups Management

Our Sms service provides facility to Send Messages to groups registered on the site and contacts in main and sub groups

Send to Contacts

The ability to send contacts stored in the mobile as well as export contact numbers to groups in the user account

Message Templates

Add ready-made and favorite message templates that you can use when needed when sending to customers

Message History

The ability to search in the archive of sent messages, filter the search by date of sending, and search using the mobile number of the recipient

Message Scheduling

The possibility of scheduling the dispatch at a later time, following up on the dispatch, and the possibility of adjusting the time and date

Ultra-smooth User Experience

Being SMS Service Provider we faciliataes user interface that is responsive and elegant in appearance and contains quick, flexible and easy-to-navigate menus for application features

User control panel interface

Everything your business needs in one central place - Best SMS Company Advanced features give you complete control.


Our SMS service portal making the management tasks more efficient & effortless.

Our SMS Message panel is compatible with all devices & platform. Our Control panel is characterized by the flexibility and ease.

Professional user interface

An exceptionally effortless control panel that enables you to manage SMS

Statistical and detailed reports

Display reports and statistics in the form of graphs, in a detailed and simple manner provided by your company.

Ultra-smooth and flexible user interface

Ease of use and navigation between all system features

Responsive and compatible design

The control panel is compatible with all smart devices and the latest global browsers

Improved speed and quality services

User satisfaction is paramount and focus on usability and completeness

Benefits of SMS Service Provider

Marsooly makes communication and collaboration effortless Get all the features you need in one easy-to-use tool

Bulk SMS

Marsooly being a best SMS company in Saudi Arabia provides you to SMS service in the most smooth and friendly way.

Zero Delicacy

Our company has designed its panel in such a way that removes the duplicate or incorrect number & updated the new one to deliver the high results.

Dedicated Panel

Being SMS Provider, we have designed a dedicated panel for all our customer in order to give the user-friendly experience & service to them.

SMS Scheduling

Our SMS service system provides the feature of auto send the messages at the schedule timing even on holidays.

Marketing Campaigns

Carry out the effective marketing campaign with our SMS services company in Saudi Arabia to reach potential customer at effective cost.

Marsooly SMS API Integration

Our Best SMS company's system connect your website or CRM with API to send messages to your customers.

Marsool School

A program that has been developed with great care and a unique professionalism that has amazing features for managing school SMS service

White Network Service

This feature allows customers to send messages to customers through a dedicated channel called whitelist networks with real time

Marsool School Software

A list of unique and wonderful features carefully designed to meet the needs of schools in the Kingdom

A program that gives you advanced features in managing school dispatches, get all the features you need in one easy-to-use and highly efficient system The program has been designed by our company according to many considerations of what schools need from the features accompanying the service, and as a member of the school you can focus on your work and as a school leader you can easily take advantage of the amazing features of the program

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Whether you are stuck or just want some advice on where to start, any problem, get in touch with Best SMS Company at any time.

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Explor FAQs

A list of the most frequently asked questions and answers by users

How do I charge my sms credit?

It is possible to choose one of the packages from the list of packages and prices, and then transfer to one of our bank accounts in the same page below. After transferring the amount, please contact us directly, the sms credit will be charged

All you have to do is register on the site and fill in the data such as the user name, password, name of the party, email and mobile number. After registration, the activation code will be sent to your mobile phone on the site to authenticate the account & you can access our SMS service.

Our SMS company create sub-accounts and control the distribution of the balance and follow-up dispatches, the technical support will be contacted, where a main account will be created and a link to the main account control panel will be sent through which all sub-accounts are linked

You can use the Marsooly mobile application and access your control panel, where the mobile application allows the transmission of numbers stored on the phone, in addition to all the services available on the site.

Marsooly SMS Provider imparts the default validity of the credit is 1 year, but it is possible to request an extension if the customer requests, provided that he does not stop sending for 6 months before the expiry of the credit

The SMS platform provides the feature of importing the contact from the excel file or sending directly through the file without the need to import from the excel file.

How do I can activate the sender ID?

To activate the sender's name for companies and institutions, a copy of a valid commercial register, a mobile number and an email belonging to the same entity are required in order to start a sms Service. . To activate the sender's name to charities and government agencies, sealed copies of approved documents are sent. To activate the name of the sender to schools, the ministerial number of the school and the name and mobile number of the director are sent

- The sender's name must not exceed 11 characters, and must not be less than 3 characters It must be in English only - It must not contain any symbols except for the following symbols ( - , .) The name of the sender of advertisements must end with -AD

The number of days to activate the sender's ID is a minimum of 2 working days

Unfortunately, according to the laws of the Communications Commission for sms service provider, individuals cannot activate their sender's id, but it is possible to use the default sender

Is the program free?

Our SMS Company faciliates the option to install the program in an unlimited number of devices for free and without any fees. Only the cost is on the messages, not the program

After installing the program on your computer, you can click on the new registration button and you will get free messages to try the program

From the list of students, there is an option to import directly from the Noor system, and the program will request the login data for the Noor system, and whoever imports the students and categorizes them by grade and class alphabetically, and another option from an excel file sourced from the Noor system

After reviewing the prices and packages, you can transfer the amount through our bank account, and then after the transfer, contact directly the technical support and provide them with the name of the bank, the name of the transferee, the date of the transfer, the name of the user in the program or the registered mobile number

After sending the absence, the program will automatically save the absence and tardiness in the program's database, and then you can upload the absence and tardiness to the Noor system collectively automatically and with the click of a button

You can send messages from the mobile application for iPhone and Android, where the application will save the absence in the network, and therefore it is possible to print reports and submit the absence to the Noor system.

The SMS Service provides the feature of importing the results of periods and end-of-semester grades for all boilers, and then allows the school administration to send them in the form of links in the text of the message to parents

Is the programmer able to test for free before charging the balance?

We provide the librarian with a free trial credit using the default sender's name?

We provide several scripts in several programming languages to facilitate the integration process?

Marsooly SMS service Provider has a capable software team has been allocated to facilitate the process of linking with Marsooly portal and to help the programmer in solving all the problems of integration with the dispatch portal.

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