Integrate your Online Store with Marsooly SMS API Gateway

You can link your Marsooly account quickly and easily with your online store, allowing you to send SMS messages to your customers directly without the need to log into the Marsooly platform.

Send an SMS to your customers when they place an order or when they abandon their shopping cart

Use our SMS api to notify your customers when any specific actions occur


Send an instant message

Send an SMS when you receive a new order or a new stock is available

Your customers can be notified of the status of the order via an instant text message

Verification code messages

Send a message containing a verification code to authenticate the customer's data

Text messages confirming and receiving the order

Send a confirmation of the order via a text message to the customer when placing the order

Alert the customer to the abandoned product basket

Recover lost sales and boost sales by alerting customers of discarded products by text message.

Notifying customers of new products

Send a message to customers with new and newly arrived products, promote your latest products by sending an early access link via SMS.

Send daily offers and deals

Notify your customers of all offers, discounts and daily deals

Send status for order tracking

Send a text message to customers and notify them of the status of the order


How to Integrate your Online Store with Marsooly SMS API Gateway

Get an account on Marsooly platform

Team will activate the sender name of your store in all operators and provide you with free messages to help in the connection process and conduct the experiment

Our team will provide you with all the files needed for integration with the message gateway via api Once you connect with Marsooly Portal, you will be able to send SMS directly from your online store

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