How do you rate delivery of SMS?

At the normal level, the message arrival rate is 98% or more, but there are many factors that affect whether messages are delivered or not

The rate of arrival of successful messages sometimes reaches 100% in many cases, and that is through the nature of the source of contacts used by the customer. The more reliable and valid the numbers used in the transmission process, the closer the transmission success rate


The main reasons why SMS fails to deliver text messages to recipients

It is possible to look at the reasons why SMS messages do not arrive in some cases, to mention these reasons , some of them are summarized as follows.

  • 1

    Long time out of coverage area

  • 2

    The memory of the receiving phone is full

  • 3

    Text messaging is not enabled

  • 4

    Activate the blocking service (DND) for advertising messages by the recipient

The feature of the blocking service for advertising messages is the most common in the failure of messages to arrive, and thus sometimes leads to a low success rate of transmission and advertising campaign

How to improve the rate of delivery of text messages?

The most important steps to improve the rate of message delivery is by collecting mobile phone numbers.

If you use a website to collect phone numbers, you can use the messaging service subscription forms

You can use keywords to gain new subscribers in the text messaging service by using phrases and phrases that motivate the customer to subscribe to the service

Here are the best methods that can be used to invite people to subscribe to your text messaging service

1- Use tags Keywords

Tags are words or phrases that can be sent to a phone number with a text to express their interest in receiving your messages as long as the ad for the keyword contains the required subscription terms

2- Promote your tags

There are many places where you can include information about your text message form. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • 1

    Website and social networks

  • 2

    Email messages

  • 3

    business cards

  • 4

    record reciepts

  • 5


  • 6


3- Use the mobile subscription widget tool

The mobile signup tool enables your website visitors to type text in your keyword. When visitors click the play button, it opens a popup with more information about your marketing script. When they click on the button in the popup, their native text app opens with the keyword and prefilled number. All they have to do is hit send.

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