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Marsooly is a leading platform in providing text messaging and instant messaging via SMS service in Saudi Arabia. Morsoly provides users with messaging marketing solutions as well as application interfaces to the SMS messaging service for verification, two-factor authentication and real-time notifications, including updates, alerts and offers. Promotional and one-time passwords.


Why Marsooly

We at Marsooly have taken many standards and considerations to ensure that our customers are served efficiently and professionally

Service and quality

We work according to an integrated service management system with high efficiency and a quick response to customer requests

Fast Delivery

In normal circumstances, the message delivery time does not exceed one minute

Ease of use

In one minute, you can complete the task of sending to hundreds by pressing a button

Confidentiality and security

Maintaining the privacy of our customers and the complete confidentiality of all customers

We offer a high quality SMS sending Service, in different ways that are tailored to suit your needs

Our message

At Marsooly, we rely on providing text messaging service at the highest levels and using the latest technologies in the SMS sending service..

Our goal

Given the importance of SMS service in being an effective marketing method, our primary goal is to direct investment to the use of the latest technologies to reach the top of performance.

Our professional services and values

In confirmation of the principle of excellence in providing text messaging service through the nature of the organizations’ needs, the method of providing the latest technologies and electronic and advertising services of greater benefit to the company and the advertiser has been followed and at a lower economic cost


Marsooly APP

We have many features that will impress you.

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Unique list of amazing features

We at Marsooly have put at the forefront of our interests the provision of the unique SMS sending service to the user, not just providing it, but rather providing it with many features that increase its efficiency and effectiveness, and among those advantages

  • Speed ​​in performance, so that the message arrival time does not exceed one minute in normal conditions
  • Easy to use, in one minute you can complete the task of sending to hundreds by pressing a button
  • The ability to add an infinite number of groups, names and numbers.
  • Activate the sender's name within the white networks to ensure that messages reach the blocked numbers
  • Send private messages from a multi-valued excel file automatically
  • The ability to send a message and receive responses from customers
  • The credit is valid for 2 years, extendable if needed
  • Full control over your groups and numbers with the ability to import and export numbers via a file
  • A control panel for the main manager, managing sub-accounts, transferring balances, and following up on dispatches
  • Detailed dispatch reports and follow-up
  • Send messages to the numbers stored in the mobile without the need to export them using the Marsouli mobile application
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